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Greetings, fellow traveller!

If you wish to discuss something, feel free to leave a comment on the Talk page. I am not a daily visitor here and may not immediately respond to queries.

I've been on Wikipedia since a while (August 2004), but have been intermittent in editing articles. Early edits were usually related to the themes of Yoga, Hinduism, and the Himalaya.

There was a long phase of reduced activity, when real-world commitments and undiscovered problems with an overzealous firewall (Sygate) conspired against editing. Spend somewhat more time contributing now. Within the recent past, most edits have tended to revolve around the culture and history of India, and the game of Cricket.

Old Black & White photo with central figure of Gandhi marching, in a loincloth, carrying a stick, with several followers marching alongside.
Mahatama Gandhi during the Dandi March, part of the Salt Satyagraha of the Indian Independence Movement.

This in addition to the usual copy-editing, and adding eclectic tidbits of information to the article treasure trove one encounters in travels through Wikipedia.

Enjoy your voyage on this ocean of knowledge :)

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