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A taiko drum

...that Japanese taiko drums (pictured) are played with wooden sticks called bachi?
... that major-thirds guitar tuning is a repetitive tuning in which chords are raised an octave by shifting all notes by three strings on the same frets?
...that Frank Zappa won a Grammy Award for the album Jazz from Hell, which was composed using, and entirely performed by, the Synclavier synthesizer?
...that the Industrial Workers of the World's Little Red Songbook has helped spread that group’s message?
...that Kassav' is the most popular band to ever emerge from the islands of Martinique and Guadeloupe?
...that the Uruguayan Invasion was a musical phenomenon of the 1960s distinctly similar to the British Invasion, with rock bands from Uruguay rapidly gaining popularity in Argentina?
...that the bass player Jaco Pastorius was killed by a night club bouncer, after being refused entry to a Santana concert?
...that Austrian composer Alban Berg encoded names and messages in his works using the Twelve-tone technique, and wrote program music referring to his secret love for novelist Franz Werfel's sister?
...that French singer Alizée's performance of her song J'en ai marre! was the inspiration of the female Night Elf dance in World of Warcraft?