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HKAL 05 Writing question:

You are a reporter for a travel magazine which has just conducted a survey to collect opinions about Hong Kong from visiting Mainland tourists. Write an article giving a broad outline of the survey results. You should report on the tourists' impressions of Hong Kong and Hong Kong people, including the negative as well as the positive aspects. Also suggest measures that can be taken by the Hong Kong Tourism Board to enhace Hong Kong's competitive edge as an attractive destination for Mainland tourists.

My plot:




  -a cosmopolitan city
  -a shopping paradise
  -fantastic night scenery
  -superb food
  -different countries' cuisines
  -things are cheap
  -consummate transport system
  -consist of Chinese and Western culture
  -symbol of freedom
  -heavy pollution
  -inhaled polluted air
  -polluted harbour and seafood
  -rush life style
  -dirty places(eg:MongKok)
  -overwhelmed with people
  -hote's rooms are small

Hong Kongers

  -work efficiently
  -problem solving skills
  -too materialistic
  -not so honest
  -chase after pride & social status
  -don't like Mainland tourists

Suggested measures:

  -tackle the pollution problem
  -clean the harbour
  -campaign for conservation
  -discount for tourists
  -more tour guide on streets
  -organise more big shows(e.g: fireworks)