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wiki caedere

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I used to have a lot of stuff here, but I now think that much of Wikipedia is bollocks. Probably the self-copyvioing incident is what did it for me, when a picture of myself that I took myself and uploaded myself was deemed a copyvio and therefore baleeted. Oh well.

Stop hand.svg This user has little patience for meaningless bullshit and complete bollocks,
including that generated by admins.
Therefore, Wikipedia editors and admins are warned that if this user
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Yes, I was once accused of abusing the speedy deletion category when I marked a particularly absurd article as such. Apparently, patent nonsense to some is not patent to all. Right. Perhaps it's time to amend the CSD categories to include "patent bullshit", because it's really quite silly to argue over whether an article that contained only the text "I was excted [sic] with myself I introduced my new-found ridiculousness to my best friend Alaina Musich" is or is not really unsalvageably incoherent. Life is too short to deal with internet "lawyers" who attempt to enforce completely unenforceable interpretations of Wikipedian rules.